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I started playing the trombone when I was seven years old, but I didn't pick up a guitar until my freshman year in college. I first learned to play classical guitar, and a little bit of flamenco. Flamenco music still is an influence for me, along with near- and middle eastern traditional music. I have struggled with major depression for almost all of my adult life, and this has affected my art. I want my music to, generally, be about all of the struggles with mental illness, and about finally finding some redemption after so many years of bleak and desolate malaise. I first formed The Light Gathering Lens in my mind in the early 1990's. I had been the guitar player in a band, (Weather Theater), since 1984, but I wanted to sing, and I had been interested in slower, experimental, and ambient sounding music for quite some time. I decided to make a recording and contacted Rich Hinklin, who was an acquaintance via Weather Theater; Rich had a recording studio in the living room of his house in the northwestern part of Seattle. I recorded four songs at Rich's house with the goal of releasing an EP. The experience with Weather Theater had me very discouraged and burned out, because of struggling with the music industry at that time. Seattle was in the midst of the grunge movement, and both my music and our music did not fit into that category. Also, the music industry was very centered around recording labels, and being discovered by a label. The EP never happened, and I got caught up in pursuing a career as a scientific researcher. Twenty-four years after I recorded the EP, I discovered it again. In listening to it after so much time, I decided to release and promote it. My research was stagnating due to the drying up of funds after the 2008 recession, and I had much time to do things like create music. I had been a wildlife scientist and my research had been aimed at conserving gray wolves in the western U.S. I had spent much time alone in the wilderness tracking wolf movements, and analyzing their kill sites, and I think that this was quite inspirational. My next project will be to record and release a full-length album. Like the EP, it will feature my guitar and voice, with more of the slow, ambient, experimental pop.Contact information -